What is the next 100x cryptocurrency?

Updated: Mar 5


100x is not too difficult using our method. First things first any crypto you want 100x on should be long-term. 100x will not happen in a week, month or maybe even a year. Our method is simple. Google the CEOs Linkedin to get an idea of the success of previous companies, study how original is the cryptocurrency is in relation to competition, deep-dive on prominent partnerships (adding up the networth of each partner), determining what price value is necessary for the company’s goals, monitoring legal issues and lastly how popular a project is.

Before we list 2 cryptocurrencies we’ll breakdown 2 misconceptions.

  1. Too many people rely solely on charts to determine price. Cryptocurrencies are not yet regulated so current prices are NOT based on utility YET. This simple mistake gives people the viewpoint crypto will perform as stocks over the next 5–10 years. Prices are currently what buyers & sellers speculate. What does this mean? This means Bitcoin can reach high any height in today’s market because it’s the most popular. Following the herd will not get you 100x. What happens when prices are based on the utility of the cryptocurrency. Believe it not. It’s still true that Bitcoin won’t be the only highly successful one. What happened to WebCrawler? Google eventually took over. Take this approach to your crypto research to get more than 100x. But it’s not overnight.

  2. Whatever Elon Musk or twitter billionaire x says is not gold and their risk tolerance is higher than yours. Dogecoin has no utility and is a meme coin. What bank or financial institution will accept it when lacks partnerships and is technologically slow for payments?

Alright to the meat and bones of what you asked for. Diversify into 3–5 solid projects over 2–3 years and buy the dips along the way.

Vechain, Cardano, ***, *******, ***inlink and many more! If you’d like to uncover solid projects click the link below. We studied projects top to bottom and will give you our cheatsheet.

10 Cryptocurrencies Set To Explode In 2021!

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